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The Evolution of Cooperation - Axelrod
The Machinery of Freedom by David Friedman
The Worldly Philosophers by Robert Heilbroner
A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel
Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli
The White Company by Arthur Conan Doyle
A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt
Arden of Faversham - probably by Christopher Marlowe
complete plays of Christopher Marlowe (I haven't yet read all of his epic poem, Hero and Leander)
Shogun by James Clavell
Petition of the Candlemakers by Frederic Bastiat
To The Far Blue Mountains by Louis L'Amour
The Warrior's Path by Louis L'Amour Sackett's Land by Louis Lamour
Sitka by Louis Lamour
A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
Ninety-three by Victor Hugo
The complete Hornblower series by C. S. Forester
Exploits and Adventures of Brigadier Gerard by Arthur Conan Doyle
Hamilton's Curse by Thomas Di Lorenzo
David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
Kim by Rudyard Kipling
The Great Train Robbery by Michael Crichton
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Empire of the Sun by J G Ballard
Semper Fi by W.E.B. Griffin
The 2025 Report: A Concise History of the Future by Norman Macrae
Ambush at Ruby Ridge by Alan W. Bock
State of Fear by Michael Crichton
The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder
A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace by John Barlow, 1996

Favorite books in all categories, ordered by author

Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Romance of Lust by Anonymous
Firefly by Piers Anthony
Hard Sell by Piers Anthony
The Garden of Forking Paths - short story by Jorge Borges
* The Incredible Bread Machine by Keating Brown, Mellinger, Post, Smith, Tudor
At the Earth's Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Airframe by Michael Crichton
Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
* Under the Roofs of Paris by Caresse Crosby
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

* Homeland by Cory Doctorow
* Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
* Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow
Complete Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
* The Fabric of Reality by David Deutsch
* Permutation City by Greg Egan
* Thinking Physics by Lewis Carroll Epstein
As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner
* QED, The Strange Theory of Light and Matter by Richard Feynman * Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume 2, Electromagnetism (not started yet)
* Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume 3, Quantum Mechanics (not started yet)
* Third Generation Slut byFertile Mind
* Show Me (Zeig Mal) by Dr Helga Fleischhauer-Hardt & Will McBride
* Forbidden Flowers by Nancy Friday
* My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday
Women on Top by Nancy Friday
A Matter for Men by David Gerrold
A Day for Damnation by David Gerrold
A Rage for Revenge by David Gerrold
Season for Slaughter by David Gerrold
* Chaos by James Gleick
Lord of the Flies by William Golding
The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham
Ape House: A Novel by Sara Gruen
Photographer's Sweetheart by Diana Hartog
Between Planets by Robert Heinlein
* The Cat Who Walks Through Walls by Robert Heinlein
Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert Heinlein
The Door into Summer by Robert Heinlein
Double Star by Robert Heinlein
Farmer in the Sky by Robert Heinlein
Farnham's Freehold by Robert Heinlein
* Friday by Robert Heinlein
* Glory Road by Robert Heinlein
Have Spacesuit, Will Travel by Robert Heinlein
I Will Fear No Evil by Robert Heinlein
Job: A Comedy of Justice by Robert Heinlein
* Methuselah's Children by Robert Heinlein
* The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein
* The Number of the Beast by Robert Heinlein
* Podkayne of Mars by Robert Heinlein
* The Puppet Masters by Robert Heinlein
The Star Beast by Robert Heinlein
* Red Planet by Robert Heinlein
Rocketship Galileo by Robert Heinlein
* The Rolling Stones by Robert Heinlein
* Sixth Column by Robert Heinlein
Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein
* Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein
* Time Enough for Love by Robert Heinlein
Tunnel in the Sky by Robert Heinlein
* To Sail Beyond the Sunset by Robert Heinlein
Dune by Frank Herbert
Mathematics for the Million by Lancelot Thomas Hogben
* Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter
M*A*S*H Goes to New Orleans By Richard Hooker and W.E.B. Griffin
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
* Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

* Mathematics, the Loss of Certainty by Morris Kline
The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski
* Erotic Art, edited by Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen
* Oxygen by Nick Lane
* Schaum's Outline of Discrete Mathematics by Seymour Lipschutz
The Call of the Wild by Jack London
* Handling Sin by Michael Malone
* The Lotus Eater by Somerset Maugham
* Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey
* Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurty
* Plagues and Peoples by William Hardy McNeill
* Hawaii by James Michener
* Tales of the South Pacific by James Michener
* Texas by James Michener

*    youre-a-criminal-in-a-mass-surveillance-world-how-to-not-get-caught by David Montgomery

* Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie
The Aquatic Ape by Elaine Morgan
The First Rumpole Omnibus by John Mortimer
* The Story of San Michele by Axel Munthe
* Chaos Theory by Robert Murphy
Girl Who Owned a City by O.T. Nelson
* The Reckoning: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe by Charles Nicholl
* Haven by Pavel Nabakov
* Shipwrecked - The True Adventures of a Japanese Boy, by Rhoda Blumberg - biography of Manjiro Nakahama
* The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
The Integral Trees by Larry Niven
The Smoke Ring by Larry Niven
Animal Farm by George Orwell
Choke, by Chuck Palahniuk
The Dragon Scroll (Sugawara Akitada), by I.J. Parker
* Cry the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

* The Ominous Parallels by Leonard Peikoff
An Introduction to Information Theory by John R. Pierce
* How to Solve It by George Polya
Anthem by Ayn Rand
* Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
We the Living by Ayn Rand
* The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley
The Geographer, by Jim Riva
Lydia Bailey by Kenneth Roberts
Northwest Passage by Kenneth Roberts
* War on the Run - the Epic Story of Robert Rogers by John F. Ross
* Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand
Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone by J.K. Rowling
White Light by Rudy Rucker

* Confessions of a Yakuza, A Life in Japan's Underworld by Junichi Saga
* The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan
* The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmitz
* Alongside Night by J. Niel Schulman
Complete works of Shakespeare - by William Shakespeare, player and poet of Stratford-on-Avon
* Hamlet by William Shakespeare
* Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare
Riotous Assembly by Tom Sharpe
* Trustee in the Toolroom by Nevil Shute
* Logic and Mathemathics by Steve G. Simpson (20-page article0
* The Whiskey Rebellion by Thomas P. Slaughter
* The Wealth of Nations by Adams Smith
* The Probability Broach by L. Neil Smith
* The Gallatin Divergence by L. Neil Smith
* Be All My Sins Remembered by Ray Eston Smith Jr
Smith's Hyper-Hamlet, An Annotated Hamlet with Hypertext Links to Related Lines, Motifs, and Essays, by Ray Eston Smith Jr
* The Notebooks of Ray Eston Smith Jr
Rethinking the Brain
* The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
The Pearl by John Steinbeck
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
* Arcadia: A Play by Tom Stoppard
* Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard
* As Good As Dead: The Penelope Stout Story by Paula E. Phillips
The Art of War by Sun-Yat Sen
* The Market for Liberty by Linda and Morris Tannehill
* Stonewall in the Valley by Robert G. Tanner
Passport to the Orient, the Continuing Story of Elke and her life in Japan during the 1950s by Elke Neumann Taylor
* A Garden of Sand by Earl Thompson
* Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
* A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
* A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain
* Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain
Pudd'nhead Wilson by Mark Twain
* The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
* Human Action by Ludwig von Mises
* Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
* The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA by James D. Watson
* The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells
Discrete Probability - High School Mathematics Extensions - Wikibooks
The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe
* Japan: An Illustrated History, by Shelton Woods
* Bonobo Handshake: A Memoir of Love and Adventure in the Congo by Vanessa Woods
* Sex Without Shame by Alayne Yates

Books in progress:

The Land and Literature of England, A Historical Account by Robert M. Adams (in progress, on page 248 of 555)
@ Land of Lisp by Conrad Barski, M.D. (in progress, on page 24 of 482)
@ Mommy's Little Girl by Susie Bright (in progress, on page 82 of 186)
@ The Higher Arithmentic by H. Davenport (in progress):
-- Part I, Factorization and the Primes (1st reading completed)
-- Part II, Congruences (in progress)
---- 1. Congruence Notation (1st reading completed)
---- 2. Linear Congruences (not started)
---- 3. Fermat's Theorem (not started)
---- 4. Euler's Function (not started)
---- 5. Wilson's Theorem (not started)
---- 6. Algebraic Congruences (not started)
---- 7. Congruences to a Prime Modulus (not started)
---- 8. Congruences in Several Unknowns (not started)
---- 9. Congruences Covering All Numbers (not started)
-- Part III, Quadratic Residues (not started)
-- Part IV, Continued Fractions (not started)
-- Part V, Sums of Squares (not started)
-- Part VI, Quadratic Forms (not started)
-- Part VII, Some Diophantine Equations (not started)
-- Part VIII, Computers and Number Theory (not started)

@ The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins (in progress on page 21 of 385)

@ Hamilton's Curse by Thomas DiLorenzo (in progress, on page 123 of 195)

* Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume 1, Mechanics (in progress)
--- 01 Atoms in Motion (1st reading completed)
--- 02 Basic Physics (1st reading completed)
--- 03 The Relation of Physics to Other Sciences (1st reading completed)
--- 04 Conservation of Energy (1st reading completed)
--- 05 Time and Distance (1st reading completed)
--- 06 Probability (1st reading completed)
--- 07 The Theory of Gravity (1st reading completed)
--- 08 Motion (1st reading completed)
--- 09 Newton's Laws of Dynamics (1st reading completed)
--- 10 Conservation of Momentum (1st reading completed)
--- 11 Vectors (1st reading completed)
--- 12 Characteristics of Force (1st reading completed)
--- 13 Work and Potential Energy (A) (1st reading completed)
--- 14 Work and Potential Energy (conclusion) (1st reading completed)
--- 15 The Special Theory of Relativity (1st reading completed)
--- 16 Relativistic Energy and Momentum (in progress)
------ 16-1 Relativity and the Philosophers (1st reading completed)
------ 16-2 The Twin Paradox (1st reading completed)
------ 16-3 Transformation of Velocities (1st reading completed)
------ 16-4 Relativistic Mass (1st reading completed)
------ 16-5 Relativistic Energy (1st reading completed)
--- 17 Space-Time (not started yet)
--- 18 Rotation in Two Dimensions (not started yet)
--- 19 Center of Mass; Moment of Inertia (not started yet)
--- 20 Rotation in Space (not started yet)
--- 21 The Harmonic Oscillator (not started yet)
--- 22 Algebra (not started yet)
--- 23 Resonance (not started yet)
--- 24 Transients (not started yet)
--- 25 Linear Systems and Review (not started yet)
--- 26 Optics: The Principle of Least Time (not started yet)
--- 27 Geometrical Optics (not started yet)
--- 28 Electromagnetic Radiation (not started yet)
--- 29 Interference (not started yet)
--- 30 Diffraction (not started yet)
--- 31 The Origin of the Refractive Index (not started yet)
--- 32 Radiation Damping. Light Scattering (not started yet)
--- 33 Polarization (not started yet)
--- 34 Relativistic Effects in Radiation (not started yet)
--- 35 Color Vision (not started yet)
--- 36 Mechanism of Seeing (not started yet)
--- 37 Quantum Behavior (not started yet)
--- 38 The Relation of Wave and Particle Viewpoints (not started yet)
--- 39 The Kinetic Theory of Gases (not started yet)
--- 40 The Principles of Statistical Mechanics (not started yet)
--- 41 The Brownian Movement (not started yet)
--- 42 Applications of Kinetic Theory (not started yet)
--- 43 Diffusion (not started yet)
--- 44 The Laws of Thermodynamics (not started yet)
--- 45 Illustrations of Thermodynamics (not started yet)
--- 46 Rachet and Pawl (not started yet)
--- 47 Sound, the wave equation (not started yet)
--- 48 Beats (not started yet)
--- 49 Modes (not started yet)
--- 50 Harmonics (not started yet)
--- 51 Waves (not started yet)
--- 52 Symmetry in Physical Laws (not started yet)
@ The Ethical Slut by Easton & Dossie (in progress, on page 27 of 267)

@ The Plausibility of Life - Resolving Darwin's Dilemma by Kirschner & Gerhart
(in progress, on page 122 out of 301)
@ Life Ascending by Nick Lane (in progress, 2318 of 5668 Kindle sections - 42% done)
@ America's Forgotten History, Part 1: Foundations by Mark David Ledbetter (in progress, on Kindle location 1565 of 9355, 17%) 1721 19% 3481
@ The Society of Mind by Marvin Minsky (in progress, on page 97 of 339)
@ End the Fed by Ron Paul (in progress, on page 65 of 212)

@ Sex at Dawn by Ryan & Jetha (in progess, on page 223 of 617)
@ Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck (page 31 of 156)
@ The Cradle King by Alan Stewart (in progress, on page 51 of 35) page 22
@ The Cosmic Landscape by Leonard Susskind (in progress, on page 276 of 376)
@ Our Inner Ape by Frans de Waal (in progress, on page 2 of 292)

Wikipedia articles

Aenor de Chatellerault
Ainu People
Akira Kurosawa
Albert Gallatin
Alexander Hamilton
Amasa Coleman Lee
Angelina Grimke
Anne Frank
Anthropic Principle
Aquila (Roman)
Attachment parenting
Battle of Lepanto
Battle of St Quentin (1557)
Betty Dodson
Black Hills
Black Hills Gold Rush
Blackboard Jungle
Boolean Algebra
Bourbon Democrat
Brasenose College, Oxford
Bruce Schneier
Candida Royalle
Capture and rescue of Jemmima Boone
Caresse Crosby
Carl Auer von Welsbach
Central Highland (Japan)
Charles Steen
Charlie Parker
Charlie Utter
Christopher J. Date
Claudius (Roman emperor)
Codd's 12 Rules
Cohort (military unit)
Coleman Hawkins
Comoving distance
Court of Piepowders
Cox's Theorem
COYOTE (Call Off Your Tired Old Ethics)
Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator
Dambisa Moyo
Dan Boneh
Dangereuse de l'Isle Bouchard
Daniel Boone
Dante Alighieri
Database normalization
David Hestenes
David Kahn
Deadwood, South Dakota
Death of Neda Agha-Soltan
Debbie Nathan
Die Sexualität im Kulturkampf (The Sexual Revolution)
Divine Comedy
Djuna Barnes
Drew Pearson
Dunbar's Number
Edgar F. Codd
Edgar Lee Masters
Edith Pargeter
Edward the Confessor
Elizabeth Blount
Emperor Tenji
Eric Gill
Evolution of Mammals
Evolutionary History of Life
Feistel cipher
Flow (psychology)
Formation and Evolution of the Solar System
Francis Dashwood
Frank Herbert
Friedrich Hayek
Fujiwara no Kamatari
Fukuzawa Yukichi
Gabriel Over the White House
Geography of Japan
Geology of Japan
George Boole
Gerry Spence
Graphical Timeline of Our Universe
Hafen Slawkenbergius
Hans Sennholz
Harold Godwinson
Harper Lee
Haruki Murakami
Henry of Almain
Henry W. Grady
Hereward the Wake
Hideko Takemine
Hideo Noguchi
History of the Earth
History of the Universe
Horst Feistel
Howard family
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (film)
Ian Clarke (computer scientist)
Ichiyo Higuchi
Isabel Marshal
James Fenimore Cooper
James R Kincaid
James Wilkinson
Japanese Mathematics
Japanese Paleolithic
Japanese Paleolithic Hoax
John Amos Comenius
John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk
John, King of England
Jomon Period
Joseph Schillinger
Judith Levine
Julia (daughter of Julius Caesar)
Julia the Elder (daughter of Augustus Caesar)
Keisuke Kinoshita
Kurumi Morishita
Lady Godiva
Lakota people
Larry Ellison
Last universal ancestor
Laszlo Ratz
Leah-Lynn Plante
Lex Mercatoria
Life and Death of King John (Shakespeare's play)
The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
The Light of the World (painting)
Livia (mother of Tiberius)
Lon Horiuchi
Louis L'Amour
Lucius Vorenus
Malala Yousufzai
Margo St James
Marilyn Chambers
Marvin Minsky
Masayoshi Son
Maya Angelou
Meriwether Lewis
Mirror neurons
Model Parliament
Monty Python
Nakatomi Clan
Nana Natsume
Nathanael Greene
National Coalition Against Censorship
Nina Hartley
Octavia the Younger
Otto Kerner Jr
Ottoline Morrell
Petronilla of Aquitane
Phil Zimmerman
Pike (weapon)
Pirate Radio in the United Kingdom
Pistonless Rotary Engine
Preston Tucker
Prince Shotoku
Randy Weaver
Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall
Richard Threlkeld Cox
Ravi Iyengar
Raymond F. Boyce
Robert Abercromby (missionary) Robert Greene (dramatist)
Robert Love Taylor
Robert McNamara
Rock and Roll
Roman agriculture
Roman Civil Wars
Ruby Ridge
Sada Abe
Sakei Tsuboi
Sakura Sakurada
Sarah Grimke
Sawed-off shotgun
Seckatary Hawkings
Segmented Sleep
Sengoku period
Servilia Caepionis
Seven Hills of Rome
Sex-positive feminism
Sex-positive movement
Seymour Papert
Shigeji Tsuboi
Siege of Alesia
Siege of Alesia battle animation -
Slime mold
Toxicodendron vernicifluum (Lacquer Tree)
Society of Mind
Spiegleman Monster
Spoon River Anthology
Steve Simpson
Susan Block
Susie Bright
Systems biology
Tairo no Kiyomori
Tale of the Heike
Tallulah Bankhead
Tantalum capacitor
Thomas Jefferson and Slavery
Tiffany Mynx
Tit for Tat
Tao Te Ching
The Deerslayer
Tobita Shinchi
Trombiculidae (aka chiggers, red bugs)
Valeria Messalina
Vanessa Woods
Venus Butterfly
Veronica Hart
Waco Seige
- My conclusions:
-- (1) The initial raid was clearly a criminal assault by the United States Government. The BATF chain-of-command should have been charged with murder, however, at that time, Clinton and Reno were excusably ignorant of the impending raid.
-- (2) In the final assault, the government probably did not start the fire and probably did not shoot at the Davidians.
-- (3) The federal government cut off the water supply to a wooden building containing a large number of children. After the building caught fire, the federal government blocked fire trucks attempting to respond. For that reason, all officials in the chain of command up to and including Reno and Clinton should have been charged with murder.

Wars of the Roses
The War Prayer
Wendy McElroy
William Adams (sailor)
Wilhelm Reich
William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke (10th Creation)
William I, Duke of Normandy
William VIII, Duke of Aquitane
William IX, Duke of Aquitane

Online Classes

Calculus - Khan Academy

Differential Equations - Khan Academy

Linear Algebra - Khan Academy

Linear Algebra - online lectures by Gilbert Strang

Modern Physics - Classical Mechanics - 9 online lectures by Leonard Susskind

Why Time Is a One-Way Street - lecture by Leonard Susskind

Cosmology - Khan Academy

Learn to Program: The Fundamentals, University of Toronto - Python
1979 Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures by Richard Feynmann
- Today's Answers to Newton's Queries About Light:
- Part 1 - Photons: Corpuscles of Light
- Part 2 - Fits of Transmission and Reflection: Quantum Behavior
- Part 3 - Electrons & Their Interactions
- Part 4 - New Queries

The Character of Physical Law - 7 lectures by Richard Feynmann

Jim Clark's online tutorials:
Atomic Structure and Bonding
Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Chemical Equilibrium - learnerstv (chemguy)

Introduction to Genetics and Evolution, Dr Mohamed Noor, Duke University / Cousera

Introduction to Number Theory, by Edward M. Berger, 24 half-hour lectures
Khan Academy - Brit Cruise
- Journey into Information Theory:
-- Part 1: What Is Information Theory
- Journey into Cryptography:
-- Part 1 Intro to Crytography
-- Part 2 The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
-- Part 3 Probability Space
-- Part 4 Frequency Stability
-- Part 5 Caesar Cipher
-- Part 6 Polyalphabetic Cipher
-- Part 7 One-time pad
-- Part 8 Case Study: WW2 Encryption Machines
-- Part 9 Perfect Secrecy
-- Part 10 Pseudorandom Number Generators
-- Part 11 not yet viewed
-- Part 12 not yet viewed

How Mathematics and Music Relate by Professor David Kung

Fundamentals of Music by Professor Robert Greenberg

Jazz by Ken Burns

Jazz Appreciation

History of Rock, Part One by Professor John Covach

Home Brewing - Spencer & Wilkes
--Enjoying Your Beer - Spencer & Wilkes
--Types of Beer - Spencer & Wilkes
--Using a Hydrometer - Spencer & Wilkes
--What Are Hops? - Spencer & Wilkes
--What Is Malt Extract? - Spencer & Wilkes

Mathematical Foundations - 99 lectures by Professor Norman Wildberger, Universiy of New South Wales Coursera classes:
Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life - Charles Cockell, The University of Edinburgh

Energy 101 - Dr Sam Shelton, Duke University

Introduction to Genetics and Evolution - Dr Mohamed Noor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Genes and the Human Condition (From Behavior to Biotechnology) - Raymond J. St. Leger, University of Maryland

Epidemics - the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases - Pennsylvania State University

Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp I - Brian Caffo, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Virology I, How Viruses Work - Vincent Racaniello and Ashlee Bennett, Columbia University
Nanotechnolgy, the Basics, Professor Vicki Colvin and Daniel Mittelman, Rice University

Cardiac Arrest, Hypothermia, and Resuscitation Science - Dr Benjamin Abella, University of Pennsylvania

The Data Scientist's Toolbox - Jeff Leek, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Moralities of Everyday Live - Paul Bloom, Yale University

History of ROck Part I - John Kovach, University of Rochester
Anarcho-Capitalism at the Ludwig von Mises Academy
- 6 lectures by Robert Murphy:
-- Private Law I
-- Private Law II
-- Private Defense
-- Common Objections
-- Historical Applications
-- How Do We Get There
Plus readings:
- Excerpts from For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto by Murray N. Rothbard:
--- Courts
--- Police Protection
--- Conscription
--- The Army
- The Possibility of Private Law by Robert Murphy
- "Private Law", from Chaos Theory by Robert Murphy
- The Private Production of Defense by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
- Anarchy in the Streets by Butler Shaffer
- But Wouldn't Warlords Take Over? by Robert Murphy
- The Economics of Drug Prohibition, Lesson 20 from Lessons for the Young Economist by Robert Murphy
- Libertarian Anarchism: Responses to Ten Objections by Roderick T. Long
- Pennsylvania's Anarchist Experiment: 1681-1690 by Murray Rothbard
-Private Creation and Enforcement of Law: A Historical Case by David Friedman
-An American Experiment in Anarcho-Capitalism: The Not So Wild wild west
by Terry L. Anderson and P. J. Hill
- The Political Thought of Étienne de la Boétie By Murray N. Rothbard
- How and How Not to Desocialize Mises Daily: Friday, March 09, 2007 by Murray N. Rothbard
- Mahatma Gandhi and Nonviolent Resistance

The Real Causes of America's War - Dave Gordon, von Mises Academy
--The Real Causes of the War Between the States - lecture by Dave Gordon
--The Real Causes of the Spanish-American War - lecture by Dave Gordon
--The Real Causes of the War Between the States - lecture by Dave Gordon
--The Real Causes of the World War I - lecture by Dave Gordon
--The Real Causes of the World War II - lecture by Dave Gordon
--The Real Causes of the Onset of the Cold War and the Korean War - lecture by Dave Gordon

Khan Academy Finance:
- Mortgage-Backed Securites I, II, and III
- Fed Open Market Operations
- Treasury Bond Prices and Yields
- Quantitative Easing
- More on Quantitative Easing (and Credit Easing)

How Stuff Works - How Bridges Work by Robert Lamb and Michael Morissey
The Moral Life of Babies”, by Paul Bloom, in the New York Times Magazine
Units 1 & 2 (out of 4) of Level 1 (out of 3) Rosetta Stone Japanese
Levels 1-5 (out of 5) of Rosetta Stone German
The Story of English (documentary series)

Destinos (Spanish, all 52 episodes)


The Last Great Ape (Nova on Bonobos)

Becoming Human (3 parts)

Is Global Warming Science or Religion? - John Stossel

Penn & Teller, Bullshit, College

Penn & Teller, Crap, Global Warming

Penn & Teller, Bullshit, Martial Arts

Penn & Teller, Bullshit, Recycling

Penn & Teller, Bullshit, Holier than Thou

Penn & Teller, Bullshit, War on Porn

How Beer Saved the World

Female Genital Massage - Nina Hartley (11 minutes)

The Art of Kissing - How to Kiss

The American Ruling Class by Lewis Lapham

Cory Doctorow: The Coming War on Computer Security, 54 minutes on YouTube

The Fog of War - Robert McNamara

Secret Rulers of the World Part 3 - Ruby Ridge

Waco: The Rules of Engagement

For Neda

The Prize: Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power - 8-part documentary based on the book by Daniel Yergin

Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy
--- Episode 1. The Battle of Ideas
--- Episode 2. The Agony of Reform
--- Episode 3. The New Rules of the Game

The Cold War - Episode 1: Comrades (1917-1945)

Secrets of the Dead: The Man Who Saved the World

Understanding the Fundamentals of Music - 8 45-minute Lectures by Professor Robert Greenberg

Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land

Beginning Japanology (half-hour TV documentaries with Peter Barakan):
(2008.04.14) Bento
(2008.04.21) Miyazawa Kenji - children's author & poet, born 1896
(2008.05.12) Tsukiji Market - world's largest fish market, in Tokyo
(2008.05.19) Yoshoku
(2008.05.26) Kyudo - The Way of the Bow, archery
(2008.06.09) Dagashi-ya
(2008.06.16) Nihon Buyo - dance, connnected with Kabuki theater
(2008.06.30) Ryukyu Kimono - Kimono's from Okinawa
(2008.07.14) Bambo
(2008.07.21) Shirakawa-go
(2008.07.28) Fireworks
(2008.09.07) Matcha - powdered green tea, used in tea ceremony
(2008.09.14) Tokyo Tower
(2008.09.21) Dashi
(2008.10.19) Sushi
(2008.12.08) Castles
(2009.01.19) Nishijin-ori
(2009.01.29) Sake - fermented rice drink
(2009.02.09) Katsura Rikyu
(2009.02.16) Bonsai - minature trees
(2009.03.02) Hina Dolls - traditional lucky dolls
(2009.03.09) Nagasaki - ancient entry port, with many Christians
(2009.03.16) Five-Storey Pagodas - Japanese Buddhist temples
(2009.04.10) Aizome
(2009.04.17) Bunraku
(2009.04.24) Kiriko Cut Glass
(2009.05.08) Traditional Folk Houses
(2009.05.15) Tea Ceremony
(2009.05.22) Soba buckwheat noodles
(2009.06.05) Imari Porcelain
(2009.06.19) Folding Fan
(2009.07.10) Kaiseki Cuisine
(2009.07.17) Sounds of Japan
(2009.07.24) Masks
(2009.07.31) Satoyama
(2009.08.29) Kendo
(2009.09.04) Fragrances of Japan
(2009.09.11) Spinning Tops
(2009.09.17) Rock and Stone
(2009.09.25) Ink Brushes
(2009.10.02) Tsukemono - Japanese pickles
(2009.10.16) Ramen
(2009.10.22) Festivals
(2009.10.30) Shinto Shrine
(2009.11.13) Shinkansen
(2010.01.08) Sentou - bathhouses
(2010.02.12) Footwear
(2010.02.19) Monkey
(2010.02.26) Soy Sauce
(2010.03.05) Tuna
(2010.03.12) Fusuma - sliding paper walls
(2010.04.30) Wasabi
(2010.05.28) Apartments and Condominiums
(2010.06.11) Towns and Neigbourhoods
(2010.08.13) Silk
(2010.08.20) Soybeans
(2010.08.27) Curry
(2010.09.10) Hotels
(2010.10.08) Bridges
(2010.10.15) Earthquakes
(2010.11.12) Hiragana
(2010.11.26) Money
(2010.12.10) Volcanoes
(2011.01.14) Mochi Rick Cake
(2011.01.26) Fugu Blowfish
(2011.02.16) Snow
(2011.04.21) Fishing
(2011.09.01) Traditional Japanese mathematics
(2011.09.08) Bicycles (2011.09.29) Seaweed
(2011.10.13) Rain
(2011.10.27) Shipbuilding
(2011.12.15) BEGIN Japanology - Shopping Streets
(2012.02.09) BEGIN Japanology - Ikebana
(2012.02.23) Woods and Forests
Alex's History of Japan - 100,000 Years in 8 Minutes
The Tale of Genji (44 minutes)
Bone, Flesh, Skin: The Making of Japanese Lacquer - 14-minute documentary
Ainu, First People of Japan, The Original _ First Japanese (7:20)
The Culture of Ainu (30-minute documentary)
Three Sheets, Season 2, Ep 2 - Sake
Sopu Rando - Japanese bath-brothel (x-rated 9-minute video)

My favorite movies

(The best of the best are marked by *.)

* About Schmidt * An Affair to Remember
* The African Queen
Alice in Wonderland (2010)
* Alice in Wonderland (x) - Kristine Debell
* All Dogs Go to Heaven
All Quiet on the Western Front
* Amadeus
American Beauty
American Graffiti
* The Americanization of Emily
Animal House
* Annie
* Arsenic and Old Lace
* As Good As It Gets
Auntie Mame
The Aviator
Back to the Future
Band of Brothers (series)
* Battle of the Sluts 3 - Bobbi Starr vs Annette Schwarz
A Beautiful Mind
* Behind the Green Door
Being John Malkovitch
Bell, Book, and Candle
* Benny and Joon
Big Dreams, Little Tokyo
* Big Fish
The Big Lebowski
Big Man Japan
Big Trouble in Little China
The Birthday Girl
Black Hawk Down
* Blackboard Jungle
The Blue Lagoon
The Blues Brothers
* Boom Town
Boogie Nights
* Braveheart
* Breaking the Code
* Breakfast at Tiffany's
Bugsy Malone
* Bundle of Joy - Debbie Reynolds
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
The Butterfly Effect
* Cabin in the Sky
The Canterville Ghost
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
* Charlie Wilson's War
* Chicago
A Christmas Story
Cinema Paradiso
Citizen Kane
City Slickers
* CMM Caster Maria Ozawa
* Coca-Cola Kid
* Cry Baby
The Cut
* Cyrano de Bergerac - Jose Ferrer
* Delicious - Veronica Hart and Candida Royalle
The Devil in Miss Jones - Georgina Spelvin
* Docks of New York (1928)
* Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
The Dreamers
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
* Ed Wood
The Exorcist
Father Goose
* Fiddler on the Roof
Field of Dreams
Finding Neverland
Fistful of Dollars
Five Easy Pieces
* Fly Away Home
* For Neda
Forrest Gump
The Fountainhead
Four Rooms
* Get Out Your Handkerchiefs
Ghost World
* Gidget
* Gigot
* A Girl's Best Friend (starring Veronica Hart)
The Godfather (overrated)
* The Gods Must Be Crazy
* The Good Mother
Good Will Hunting
Goodbye Girl
* Le Grand Chemin
* Gran Torino
* The Grapes of Wrath
The Green Mile
* Gregorio and His Angel - Broderick Crawford
Groundhog Day
* Grumpy Old Men
* Hamlet - Kenneth Branagh's unabridged version
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
* Happy Dog
* Harry's War
* Harvey
The Heart Is Deceitful Ever
Hell in the Pacific
* High Wind in Jamaica
* Holes
* How the Grinch Stole Christmas
* How the West Was Won
* Horny Henry's Mother and Daughter - Charlie & Kitana Steele * Hugo Pool
* I Am Sam
* I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
@ In Darkness (26:25)
In the Realm of the Senses
Interview With the Vampire
* IQ
* It Happened One Night
* It Happened in Naples
* It Started With a Kiss
It's a Wonderful Life
* Jesus Christ Superstar
* Joe vs the Volcano
Jurassic Park
* A King in New York
King Kong (1933)
Lady and the Tramp
The Lady Eve
* The Last of the Mohicans
The Last Samurai
Lawn Dogs
* Letters from Iwo Jima
* Lifeboat
Lillies of the Fields
* Little Man Tate
* Little Miss Sunshine
* A Little Romance
Lolita (1962)
The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (overrated)
* Love Strange Love
* Ma Mere
Macbeth (1971)
The Magnificent Seven
* Mama Mia
* A Man for All Seasons (Charleton Heston version)
* Man of La Mancha
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
The Man Without a Face
* Mary Poppins
* The Mating Game
Me, Myself, and Irene
* Me, Natalie
* Michael
Midnight Cowboy
Midnight in Paris
Miracle on 34th Street
* The Miracle Worker (with Patty Duke & Anne Bancroft)
The Misfits
Monkey Business (Marx brothers)
* Monster, Inc
* Mr Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
Mrs Miniver
* Much Ado About Nothing - Kenneth Branagh's version
* Murmur of the Heart
My Cousin Vinnie
* My Dinner With Andre
My Fair Lady
* My Man Godfrey
My Six Loves - Debbie Reynolds
* Nell
* Neon Nights (starring Veronica Hart)
Never on a Sunday
New York, New York
* Nightmare Before Christmas
* No Time For Sergeants
North by Northwest
* No Time for Sergeants
* O Brother, Where Art Thou?
* One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
* Original Sin
* Other People's Money
* Paint Your Wagon
The Palm Beach Story
Paper Moon
* Paradise
@ Passion of Ayn Rand (in progress 25:53)
* Paths of Glory
The Patriot
* Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
Peggy Sue Got Married
The Perez Family
* Phantom of the Opera
* Phenomenon
* The Piano
* Pixote
Planet of the Apes
* The Polar Express
* Popeye - Robin Williams
The Poseidon Adventure
* Pretty Baby
* Pretty Woman
The Puppet Masters
* The Quiet Man
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rain Man
* The Ramen Girl
* The Reader
Rear Window
* A Room in Rome
Romancing the Stone
* Roots
* Roxanne - Steve Martin
* Ruthless People
* Sabrina
* The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea
Same Time, Next Year
The Sand Pebbles
* Saving Private Ryan
Schindler's List
The Second Time Around - Debbie Reynolds
The Searchers
Sergeant York
* Seven Samurai, uncut
The Seven-Year Itch
Shakespeare in Love
The Shawshank Redemption
* Shrek
* The Siege at Ruby Ridge
The Silence of the Lambs
Silver Streak
Sin City
Singin' in the Rain
The Singing Nun
The Sixth Sense
* Slaughterhouse Five
* Sleepless in Seattle
* Slumdog Millionaire
* Soldier in the Rain
* The Solid Gold Cadillac
Some Like It Hot
* Something About Mary
The Sound of Music
* South Pacific
Star Wars (overrated)
* The Sterile Cuckoo
Straw Dogs

* Street Angel (1929)
* Stripes
* Sullivan's Travels
* Summertime - Katherine Hepburn
* Susan Slept Here - Debbie Reynolds
Swing Girls
* Swing Kids
Taboo, American-Style
The Tall Man
* Tammy
Taxi Driver
A Taxing Woman
The Tenant
The Tender Trap - Debbie Reynolds
That's Entertainment
Then and Now
There Will Be Blood
* The Thin Red Line
The Thing (1982)
The Third Man
* Three Fugitives
* The Thrill of It All
Titanic (overrated)
* To Kill a Mockingbird
* The Unforgiven
* This Land Is Mine
* Tucker: The Man and His Dream
Twenty-four eyes
Twins (Schwarzeneger & DeVito)
Unfaithful * Unforgiven
* Unsinkable Molly Brown
* Valkyrie
* Vertigo
* Volere volare
* Wag the Dog
* A Walk in the Clouds
* Walkabout
* The War Prayer - starring Edward Hermann in a 10-minute video of the short story by Mark Twain
* Water for Elephants West Side Story
When Harry Met Sally
While You Were Sleeping
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)
The Wind in the Willows (2006)
` Y Tu Mama Tambien
The Yellow Rolls Royce
* Yellow Submarine
* You've Got Mail
* 1776

My favorite TV series

Addams Family
Are You Being Served
Begin Japanology
Northern Exposure
Doc Martin
Drop Dead Diva
Family Guy
Honey West
The Honeymooners
Lucky Louie
Route 66
Rumpole of the Bailey
-- Rumpole and the confession of guilt
-- Rumpole and the younger generation
-- Rumpole and the alternative society
Slings and Arrows
True Blood (1st 3 seasons)
Twilight Zone (the original series)
Star Trek (the original series)
True Blood

My favorite directors

Woody Allen
Clint Eastwood
Jodie Foster
Bob Guccione
David Hamilton
John Huston
Louis Malle
Roman Polanski
Suze Randall
Candida Royalle
John Staglione

My favorite actresses

Abigail Breslin
Alana Evans
Alyssa Milano
Ana Lopez Mercado
Angela D'Angelo
Angelina Jolie
Anna Malle
Anna Paquin
Anne Francis
Asia Argento
Asia Carrera
Asia Vieira
Audrey Hepburn
Barbara Hershey
Barbara Stanwyck
Bijou Phillips
Bobbi Starr
Bodil Joensen
Bree Olson
Bridget the Midget
Brittany Blue
Brittany Murphy
Brooke Shields
Brooklyn Night
Cameron Love
Candida Royalle
Carol Connors
Carole Laure
Charlie Garcia(daughter of Kitana Steele)
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Cherish Marie
Chessie Moore
Chiah Tuck
Chihiro Hasegawa
Chloe Sevigny
Christie Canyon
Christina Ricci
Claudette Colbert
Connie Carol (Gregorio and His Angel)
Connie Peterson
Corkie James
Dakoda Brookes
Dakota Fanning
Debbie Reynolds
Debi Diamond
Delia Rosa Hernandez
Desi & Elli Foxx
Diane Gardner
Diane Keaton
Diane Lane
Eiko Matsuda
Elisabetta Cavallotti
Eloysia (Elle) Galindo
Elva Josephson
Emma Watson
Eva Green
Eva Ionesco
Georgina Spelvin
Ginger Lynn Allen
Gloria Grahame
Goldie Hawn
Greta Scacchi
Hedy Lamarr
Helen Mirren
Ice La Fox
Jamie Lee
Jane Birkin
Janine Lindemulder
Jazmina Perez Hernandez
Jean Arthur
Jeannie Pepper
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jenny Agutter
Jill Clayburgh
Joan Blondell
Jodie Foster
Karin Trentephol
Kate Winslow
Katherine Hepburn
Kay Parker
Kelly G'raffe
Kerry Fox
Kim Kardashian
Kinzie Kenner
Kristine Debell
Kym Karath
Lea Massai
Lena Ramon
Leslie Caron
Lila Kedrova
Linda Lovelace
Maria Ozawa
Mariel Hemingway
Marilia Pera
Marilyn Chambers
Marilyn Monroe
Marisa Tomei
Mary Badham
Mary-Louise Parker
Mayura Hoshitsuki
McKenzie Phillips
Meg Ryan
Mischa Barton
Mila Kunis
Moana Pozzi
Monica Belluci
Monica Mattos
Nancy Vee
Natalie Wood
Natassja Kinski
Nichelle Nichols
Nicoletta Elmi
Nikki Sinn
Nina Hartley
Pamela Anderson
Patti D'Arbanville
Patty Duke
Phoebe Cates
Rebecca Smart
Reese Witherspoon
Rose McGowan
Rubina Ali
Sakura Sakurada
Sally Hawkins
Salma de Nora
Selma Blair
Salma de Nora
Sandra Dee
Sara Abraham
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Miles
Sarah Rowland Doroff
Scarlett Johansson
Susan Sarandon
Shane Hewitt
Shirley Temple
Sue Lyons
Sunny Lane
Susan Sarandon
Susie Sparxx
Tabitha Stevens
Tallulah Bankhead
Terri Hall
Thora Birch
Tiffany Million
Tiffany Mynx
Traci Lords
Valerie Perrine
Vanessa Guedj
Vera Fischer
Veronica Hart
Victoria Principal
Yazmina Perez

My favorite actors

Angelique Richard
Anthony Perkins
Beau Bridges
Bill Murray
Bud Spenser
Cary Grant
Charles Boyer
Charlie Chaplin
Clint Eastwood
Cole Sprouse
Dana Douglas
Derek Jacobi
Donald Sutherland
Dylan Sprouse
Edward Hermann
Eric Edwards
Errol Flynn
Gary Cooper
George Clooney
George Maharis
Glenn Corbett
Glenn Ford
Gregory Peck
Jack Nicholson
Jackie Gleason
James Garner
Jeff Bridges
Jimmy Stewart
Joe D'Allesandro
John Astin
John Travolta
John Wayne
Johnny Depp
Keith Carradine
Kenneth Branagh
Lee Marvin
Lloyd Bridges
Mel Gibson
Montgomery Clift
Richard Gere
Rock Hudson
Sam Elliot
Sean Penn
Terrence Hill
Tom Byron
Tom Hanks
Tony Curtis
Tony Duncan
Wallace Beery
Will Rogers
Woody Allen

My favorite music

Amazing Grace - Elvis Presley
And I Love You So - Elvis Presley
Are You Going to Scarborough Fair - Simon & Garfunkel
As Time Goes By
Autumn in New York - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
Ave Maria - Karen Carpenter
Baby It's Cold Outside
Bach's Brandenburg Concertos
Bali Hai
Ballad of Tom Joad - Woody Guthrie
Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
Bella Notte - the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp
Billy, Don't Be a Hero
Black Coffee
Bleed Red
Blood Red and Goin Down - Tanya Tucker
Boy on a Dolphin - Julie London
Bridge over Troubled Water
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits
Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - the Carpenters
Charlie on the M.T.A.
The Christmas Song - Mel Torme
Civil War - Guns N Roses
The Climb - Miley Cyrus
Climb Every Mountain
Come Rain or Come Shine
Come to Me Slowly - Julie London
Country Roads - John Denver
Cross Over the Bridge - Patti Page
Cum All Ye Faithful
Daddy's Little Girl
Danny Boy (aka Londonderry Aire)
Deck the Halls
Deportee - Woody Guthrie

Don't Cry Daddy - Elvis Presley
Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Madonna
El Paso
Eleanor Rigby - the Beatles
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack
The Fool on the Hill - the Beatles
Ghost Riders in the Sky
Go Down Moses - in Sullivan's Travels
Go Away Little Girl as sung by Carole King
Go Slow, sung by Julie London
God Bless the Child That's Got His Own - Billie Holiday
Good Morning, Starshine - Oliver
The Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Judy Garland
Havila Nagila - Andre Rieu
Hey Girl, sung by Carole King Hi Lilly, Hi Lo
A Home in the Meadow - Debbie Reynolds
How Long Has This Been Goin' On?
A Hundred Million Miracles - from Flower Drum Song
Hushabye Mountain - Julie London
I Ain't Marching Anymore - Phil Ochs
I Don't Believe in If Anymore - Roger Whittaker
I Don't Know How to Love Him
I Left My Heart in San Francisco
I Was Born Under a Wandrin' Star - Lee Marvin
I Wish You Love - Nat King Cole
If I Can Dream, by Walter Earl Brown, sung by Elvis Presley
If I Had a Hammer - by Pete Seeger, sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary
Impossible Dream
In the Ghetto - Elvis Presley
It's a Small World
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka-dot Bikini
Kentucky Rain - Elvis Presley
Kisses Sweeter than Wine
Let It Snow - Dean Martin
Lift Every Voice and Sing
Love Can Build A Bridge
Lullaby in Blue - Debbie Reynolds & Eddie Fisher (even though he was a rat)
Lullaby of Broadway - Doris Day
Mama Look Sharp - 1776
Mama's Got a Squeezebox - Maria Muldaur
The Man I Love - Julie London
The Mating Game - Debbie Reynolds
Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
Michael Row Your Boat
Michelle - the Beatles
Mickey Mouse Club March - Julie London
Midnight at the Oasis - Maria Muldaur
Molasses to Rum - 1776
Mona Lisa - Nat King Cole
Moon River - Audrey Hepburn
Moonlight in Vermont - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
Music of the Night
My Heart Belongs to DaddyNight
My Way, lyrics by Paul Anka, based on French tune by Claude François and Jacques Revaux, I like the versions sung by Elvis Presley and by Shirley Bassey
Natalie Theme by Henry Mancini
The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane - Dean Martin
Never on a Sunday - Julie London
Old Cape Code - Patti Page
Old Man River
On the Street Where You Live
One Day - Matisyahu
Puff the Magic Dragon
Rainy Night in Georgia - Brook Benton
Racmaninoff's Piano Concerto in D Minor
Rocky Mountain High
Route 66 Theme - Henry Mancini
Rubbertree Plant
Saddle the Wind - Julie London
Saturday Morning - Sandpipers
Scarlet Ribbons
The Shadow of Your Smile - Johnny Mathis
Side by Side
Silver Bells
Sing a Song - The Carpenters
Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
Smile - Nat King Cole
Smoke Gets In Your Eye
Something Cool - Julie London
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Judy Garland
Sounds of Silence
Starry, Starry Night
Stormy Weather
Strange Fruit - Billie Holiday (even though it's painful to see and hear her sing it)
Summer Wine
Summertime - Janis Joplin
Summertime - Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald
Sunrise, Sunset
Sunshine on My Shoulders - John Denver
Sweet Sixteen - Judy Garland
Tammy - Debbie Reynolds
Thank Heaven for Little Girls
That's Amore - Dean Martin
Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer
Tonight's the Night (West Side Story)
Too Young - Nat King Cole
Touch Me When We're Dancing - the Carpenters
Turn Turn Turn (To Everything There Is a Season) by Pete Seeger, sung by The Byrds
Two Sleepy People - Julie London
Two Sparrows in a Hurricane - Tanya Tucker
Uncle Satchmo's Lullaby - Louis Armstrong & Gabriele Clonisch
Unforgettable - Nat King Cole
What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
What's Your Mama's Name - Tanya Tucker
Wheel of Fortune sung by Kay Starr
When a Child Is Born - John Mathis or Charlotte Church
When Princes Meet - Tom Paxton
When You Wish Upon a Star
Where Have All the Flowers Gone? - Peter, Paul, and Mary
The Whiffenpoof Song
Willow Weep for Me - sung by Billie Holiday
Windmills of Your Mind
Winter in Vermont
Wooden Heart - Elvis Presley
You Light Up My Life
You've Got a Friend - sung by Carole King 16 Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford
The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)

My favorite singers, dancers, and musicians

Adele Astair
> Audrey Hepburn
The Beatles
Billie Holiday
Bing Crosby
Britney Spears
Carol King
Carole Laure
Charlotte Gainsbourg
The Carpenters
Dean Martin
Debbie Reynolds
Dorian Electra
Doris Day
Dusty Springfield
Ella Fitzgerald
Elton John
Elvis Presley
George & Ira Gerschwin
Isadora Duncan
J.S. Bach
Janis Joplin
John Denver
Johnny Mathis
Josephine Baker
Judy Garland
Julie London
Kate Micucci
Kristine Debell
Lee Hazelwood
Louis Armstrong
Maria Muldaur
Marilyn Chambers
Michael Jackson
Miley Cyrus
Mindy McReady
Nancy Sinatra
Mat Monroe
Nat King Cole
Paula Abdul
Peter, Paul, and Mary
Roberta Flack
Rod McKuen
Roger Whittaker
Shirley Bassey
Shirley Jean Almodvar
Shirley Temple
Simon and Garfunkel
Tanya Tucker
Tom Paxton
Woody Guthrie

My favorite art

Ascending and Descending by M. C. Escher
Drawings in the style of von Baros by Melinda Gebbie
Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch
The glass of absinthe by Degas
The Guitar Lesson by Balthus
Luncheon of the Boating Party by Renoir
Starry Night by Van Gogh
The wanderer above the sea of fog by Caspar Friedrich

My favorite artists

Anastasia CFhernyavsky
Karolina Bazydlo
Susan Block
Hieronymus Bosch
Julia Margaret Cameron
Lewis Carroll
Mary Cassatt
Salvador Dali
Betty Dodson
Caspar Friedrich
Nan Goldin
Melinda Gebbie
Jean Louis Gerome
Eric Gill
Gary Gross
Bob Guccione
David Hamilton
Ilona Ionesco
August Johns
Thomas Kinkade
Annie Leibowitz
David MacAulay
Henmaru Machino
Corine Malet
Sally Mann
Robert Mapplethorpe
Will McBride
Ottoline Morrell
Ron Oliver
Graham Ovenden
Holly Randall
Suze Randall
Norman Rockwell
Candida Royalle
Mark Ryden
Hajimi Sawatari
Betsy Schneider
Annie Sprinkle
Gianni Strinno
Jock Sturges
Spencer Tunick
Boris Vallejo
van Gogh
Van Maele
von Bayros
Jim Warren
Kawaru Watashiya
Kagaya Yutaka